About Us

Questioning the Narrative is a website with the goal of looking at difficult and controversial topics and making sense of them in an unbiased and honest way. We, students from the Information Management School of the NOVA University, decided to tackle the problem of fake news, misinformation, poor understanding of data, and to explain and get to the truth as best as we can. This university project will investigate varied topics by analysing many sources of data and information, and then present them in a interesting, concise, honest and fair manner. More than just fact-checking, we will do narrative-checking, hence our name Questioning the Narrative.

Our team is composed of four students:

Daniel Ferreira

José Soares

Margarida Castro

Miguel Carvalho

We are a completely independent, non-affiliated, non-profit academic project made by students of the information management course of NOVA IMS.

Creative Commons Licence

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.