By now, probably everyone has heard the term “fake news”, and we are here to define what it is and how can we spot them.

Fake news are a way of spreading disinformation, falseness, rumours or conspiracy theories through media. Some decades ago, this was not as problematic as it is nowadays, since a big part of the world has now access to internet and online media. The evolution of technology has helped to diffuse news, and with them, fake news without filters. This is a problem because not every person can identify what is true or false, making them believe in falsehoods that could lead to bad decisions.

This is where our mission resides – information literacy. We intend to analyse several topics that we find relevant in our society as an example of what people should do. To do that we must consider some rules:

It is crucial to follow this steps to tackle information illiteracy, and consequently, to make better decisions.